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Falco – Greatest Hits – (Album, CD, Mp3)

Falco – Greatest Hits – (Album, CD, Mp3) 1.Rock me Amadeus 2.Der Kommissar 3.Junge Roemer 4.Vienne Calling 5.Jeanny 6.Auf Der Flucht 7.Machine Brennt 8.Gans Wien 9.Zuviel Hitze 10.Brillantin’ Brutal 11.Helden von Heute 12.Hoch wie...


El Exorcista [1973] [SoundTrack]

El Exorcista [1973] [SoundTrack] 01. Iraq 02. Georgetown – Tubular Bells 03. Five Pieces For Orchestra, Op10 04. Polymorphia 05. String Quartet (1960) 06. Windharp 07. Night Of The Electronic Insects 08. Kanon For...


Nirvana – Unplugged – (Album, CD, Mp3)

Nirvana – Unplugged – (Album, CD, Mp3) 1.About A Girl 2.Come As You Are 3.Jesus Want Me For a Subeam 4.The Man Who Sould The World 5.Pennyroyal Tea 6.Dumd 7.Polly 8.On a Plain 9.Something...


Van Halen – The Best of

Van Halen – The Best of 1.Eruption 2.Ainy’t Talking’ ‘Bout Love 3.Runnin’ With The Devil 4.Dance The Night Away 5.And The Cradle Will Rock… 6.Unchained 7.Jump 8.Panama 9.Why Can’t This Be Love 10.Dreams 11.When...


Motley Crue – Greatest Hits

Motley Crue – Greatest Hits 1. too fast for love 2. shout at the devil 3. looks that kill 4. too young to fall in love 5. smokin’ in the boys room 6. home...


Aracely Arambula – Linea de Oro (2007)

Aracely Arambula – Linea de Oro (2007) Las vias del amor Te quiero mas que ayer (FT Palomo) Bailo sola Tengo miedo Solo tuya Ojala Me duele tu nombre Anoche Aunque no tengas corazón...

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